Newsflash: [KS] Fiancee and I close on a house next week. I just got laid off. Will my loan company find out?

First off, my fiancee is still gainfully employed, and I got a small severance package. The severance check I’m going to wait to cash, as my bi-weekly paycheck will still come tomorrow like normal and my loan is through my bank.Pretty much everything is good to go on our end from the perspective of the loan except for the closing itself, and we have the money all lined up. I’m not too worried about the long term; my company was a complete disaster and I was going to start looking around after I wouldn’t be on the hook for paying back my signing bonus in mid-August.Now I don’t have to worry about paying back the signing bonus, and all of my accrued time off was paid out in addition to a two weeks notice pay. Also, despite my company being a nightmare to work for, my industry is pretty strong in the area. But I am worried that my bank/loan company will find out and cause some kind of hiccup here in the meantime.Should I remain silent on the issue and wait for everything to go through? Should I be upfront about it and risk the whole damn thing falling through? We’ve sunk a lot of money into this place as it is, between the inspections, appraisal, etc. And my fiancee loves the place, in addition to us somehow getting it $12K below the appraised price; I really don’t want to lose out on this house.



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