Newsflash: If I move and don’t pay HOA dues…

NC homeowner. The developer who runs our HOA is completely incompetent and unorganized – he likely does not even know who owes what considering he sent the same bill to everybody even though not everyone owes more than the current month.I just received an offer on my property. 2 months ago I sent the HOA two checks totalling $900 (for all of 2016 and the first half of 2017). He has still not deposited either check. This guy lost the earnest money check from the purchase process and showed up at my door at 8pm several weeks after closing asking me to write another check. So he has likely lost them, I mean why would you not deposit $900 after two months?My question is: if I sell and move and he has still not deposited those checks, I would want to cancel them – With no current delinquent notice or lien on my property would he have any recourse at that point?



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