Newsflash: [GA] Got a question on how to go about buying another house.

Question mostly pertains on the steps to go about my situation. The problem I see is I need to take a few loans out one after the other and I’m not sure the best way to go about it and not damage my credit to much before getting a second mortgage. Home equity loan, 2nd mortgage, and car loan(least of priority but will be needed soon) We will need to be moving soon, into a larger home. The biggest issue is my credit isn’t fabulous 695ish, from cc debt. It isn’t to bad, $12k but my credit percentage is high in the 40%. I recently have been trying to quickly repair my credit by getting a cc transfer card, I’m getting swallowed by interest, and trying to raise my cc limits, to lower my percentage. But my credit has went down from the hard inquiries. I plan on taking an 30k equity loan out on my current home. Mostly to do some repairs on the house to sell it, but also to purchase the new home and make the move financially easier and smoother on us. I’m not worried to much about APR for that loan as it will be paid back when we sell that home within a year or so. Once we move in the new and out the old, do the necessary fixes and upgrades to get the top dollar and sell the old asap. Now I’m slightly clueless on majority of all this except for basic googling. Should I worry first on the home equity loan, secure that, pay off some cc debt, then jump into the pre approval on the 2nd home without a crippling credit score from all the inquiries and loans? Or what? My time frame is short so I’m battling that as well. Hope this makes sense, and any input or ideas or question pertaining to this is much appreciated.



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