Newsflash: [FL] Repairs after contract signing (AS-IS Contract)

So i have an AS-IS contract with a buyer, the buyer has drug out closing so we missed the original closing date by over a month. In that month after they had subcontractors in the house quoting things they wanted fixed after closing, my water heater starts leaking. My question is with an AS-IS Contract am I responsible for fixing? The only clause in my contract regarding repairs states as follows: “Except for Ordinary wear and tear and casualty loss, Seller shall maintain the property, including but not limited to, lawn, shrubbery, pool, in the condition existing as of Effective Date (“As IS Maintenance Requirement). So my questions is based on that do I have to replace the water heater? They knew it was at the end of its life, and their inspection even said that. If I do not replace does this give them an out to walk away and keep their deposit?



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