Newsflash: [US-NY]AL wires part 2 (update)

Hello everybody, so it has been a week or so since the last inspection. I appreciate all of the helpful information you gave on the last post I made, with regards to aluminum wiring. My immediate request was to go for the rewire, copalum, or alumniconn methods, and get credit.However- I had two technicians so far. Both kinda worrying to say the least..This is a guy who is part of a big electrician company in our area. He has been doing this work for 30 years. After looking, he proposed two methods: a. remove AL wiring to a junction point and replace with copper b. make connections from there using Alumniconn connectors to existing AL wires c. make sure outlets have Cu connections intead of AL on the box. (3k) second method was rewire. (6k)Now- my agent is saying his method is way too expensive, and wants to use the second electrician.He hasn’t come in yet, but after speaking on the phone with him- his method was not to replace any AL wiring, but to check the entire wiring, tighten them, and making sure all of the breakers and panels and outlets are within the required amp and circuit ratings. I guess this will require quite a bit of work as well, but not involve replacing the Cu wire.This guy has been a master electrician in the industry for 50+ years.In conclusion:It seems that direct incidents due to AL wires, for both these electricians, hasn’t been an issue they dealt with. They both haven’t seen any houses around this area that caused fires from AL wires.It was especially bad for me- as the first electrician visit, the seller happened to be there, and me trying to defend rewiring and expensive methods vs these guys sounded like I was trying to “scam” the electrician to quote for the more expensive option- i am just trying to make sure the house is safe. (thats why I ended up calling the second technician instead of talking to him face to face, since the seller will be there also)From the looks of things, it seems even my agent is not liking the expensive method of rewiring. Then again, both these electricians are very experienced in the area and are doing a lot of work.Another thing is.. we really like this house, and would not like this issue to result in us walking away- the inspection, other than that, were great.Also- I remember looking in other posts and the original post- some were saying that AL wires are fine, as long as it is connected and wired properly. It seems #2 electrician is going to go for this method.This is probably the reason why things are a lot more hazy.Any opinions will be welcome. Thanks again for the help everybody.



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