Newsflash: [Update] How best to dispute a ridiculous county assessment?

A follow-up to my original post (here: ).tl;dr: I did a fair amount of research, and it went well. Final results still TBD.I did some research and found that houses within my specific subdivision (about 50 houses in all) have been selling for substantially less than other houses in the neighborhood as a whole. (Like I say, these are perfectly good houses, but they’re kind of dated and nothing fancy.) I used the assessor’s GIS records to screencap a map of the neighborhood, marked my house, marked the comps they selected, and marked some suggested comps within my subdivision–in order to show that there are closer and better comps they should use. I also outlined my subdivision to show other houses they might look at.I also had a copy of the original brochure from the developer ca. 1955, showing the four different house plans for the subdivision. I brought it mostly for kicks, but it also shows that these are the most accurate comps they could possibly use, since they’re all variations on a handful of houses.Lastly, I grabbed a copy of the subdivision covenants, which allow for only a 1-story single-family home on each lot. That’s important because there are a ton of houses in this neighborhood that are being bought and scraped so that multi-story, multi-family monstrosities can be built instead. The covenants show that those kinds of sales won’t (can’t) happen in this subdivision, so the land itself should not be valued on par with nearby subdivisions that do allow that kind of construction.Anyway, I met with a rep in the assessor’s office today, who agreed that a 50% increase was ridiculous, even in the booming residential market like we have. I showed him my documentation and the professional appraisal I had done in December, and he kind of apologized that the previous employee he replaced was a bit out of whack on his land evalulations. He largely agreed with the points I raised. I sent him copies of all of my documentation, and he said I should get a revised assessment in mid-June. From our meeting, I’m expecting that figure to be quite a bit lower, but I don’t know what it is yet.All in all, I did a fair amount of research and prep, but the guy I talked with at the assessor’s office was very reasonable.



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