Newsflash: My business partner has passed, now what?

I started a business with a friend of mine a little over 2 years ago. We bought a four family and then about a year into it bought another one. To date we’ve pretty much been doing all of the repairs ourselves to help boost our bank accounts up quicker and hopefully buy another one. We’ve spent a lot of time together over these past two years and his passing was completely out of the blue (he was only 51 or 52). We had a document that specified in a situation like this that his half would go to his sister. I don’t have any contact information for any of his family and I’m sure she doesn’t want to be bugged with this stuff right now so I can give it a little bit of time. What’s the process like for getting the titles transferred into her name? Should I be doing anything to protect myself? My wife talked to a police officer that’s patrolling his road and said that some family has come to try and take things from his house (he wasn’t married and didn’t have any kids). I don’t even know how insurance comes in to play with any of this, if at all. I’m actually pretty clueless and still emotionally distraught about losing my friend so I’m hoping the collective group here at /r/realestate can be a bit more rational and ask the right questions. Thank you



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