Newsflash: Is the Listing Agent behaving Ethically?

Please help! We are trying to purchase a Bank Owned Property in NJ. From the get-go, the listing agent has not been very helpful. She didn’t tell us until 2 days after our offer was accepted that we got the house. Then, she waited another 2 days to get the contract to us, and that was AFTER our agent called her to ask where the contract was. She given us a hard time about de-winterizing the house- which was eventually done, but not completely. Now, we’ve had to ask for a 90 day extension to our closing date for unforeseen reasons. We do not believe that she took this request to the bank and is waiting for us to run out of time in order for the bank to cancel the contract. The ENTIRE time we have been Under Contract she’s been threatening us with “a higher cash bid with no questions asked.” Apparently a cash bid came in after ours was already accepted. We requested an extension three times through our lawyer and never received a response. Finally after a month, and a week away from our closing date, our lawyer sent another email because we still hadn’t heard anything and the listing emailed him back stating that our contract had been cancelled 2 weeks before. We haven’t received any paperwork. Our lawyer hasn’t received any instructions regarding releasing our deposits. Our agent is still listed as the “buyers agent” and the house was never changed from an “under contract” status. PLease help. I need some guidance. No one seems to know what’s going on and I really want this house.



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