Newsflash: Does my realtor suck?

I’m selling a house in Jersey and it’s my first time, so I’m trying to calibrate my expectations.When we first listed, my agent was pretty responsive, even answering questions on the weekends. Seems like as soon as we signed the contract that changed completely.I hired her on recommendation from a former realtor (the one who sold us the place and isn’t really in the business anymore). She’s known as one of the most “productive” realtors in that area of jersey, but I am beginning to think that just really means she lists a ton of properties and hopes they sell, meanwhile no one of them gets much attention (or likely it’s just the high dollar homes).Now when I text or email I don’t get a reply for 3-5 days. Last time I didn’t get a response at all. Only time I got an unsolicited email from her in the last 3 months was asking me to lower the price. I said I’m not opposed to that, but what else have we tried? The pics look a little tired and Zillow says sometimes a video walkthrough helps. She did come out and do new pics.Of the 2 open houses we have had she only ran one of them, letting some 20 something underling who knows nothing about my house run the other.It takes me days to hear any feedback from these open houses and I have to ask for it. I get no feedback about who has been to see it, what potential buyers like and dislike etc.I realize I’m in a difficult market, but my wife and I have busted out humps to get that place looking perfect. We’re probably a couple hundred man hours and 7 grand deep into that commitment. While I realize that there’s probably no silver bullet to getting this thing sold, I don’t think I’m out of line expecting a weekly to bi-weekly email or phone call along with some thoughts about how to get the house sold other than sitting and waiting a occasionally lowering the price.As far as I can tell the house is relatively widely advertised, at least on the internet.Any thoughts?



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