Newsflash: Slopping of the house floor a deal breaker? (Austin, TX)

Hi,I am currently under contract on a house but still in the option period. The house is located in Austin, Tx and has some settleing and sloping. Near the kitchen towards the middle of the house there is a ~1 inch drop that is noticeable to the feet and eye.I had a foundation guy come out and a structural engeneer. The foundation guy gave me an estimated repair bill of $4,000 for this old pier and beam house. I asked why his estimate was so cheap and he told me that the pillers that they install are already all in place, meaning this work has been done before. He told me he litterally just needed to come in there and lift up the house to put shims under the house. The house was seen after a large rain and no standing water was seen under the house.I’m a first time home buyer and I wanted to make sure that this isnt some sort of huge red flag. Okay to move forward?For what its worth, the house price is ~440k. probably 2/3 to 3/4 of the value of the house is in the lot since its central in Austin.Almost all the houses in my price range in central Austin are pier and beam unless I want a condo. We also have been looking at other houses in the neighborhood and pretty much all of them have either had or currently have some sloping and foundation issue. I’m told this is very common in Texas.Thanks for the advise.


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