Newsflash: Fix a questionable floor before putting house on market or wait?

I am going to be putting my place in the market soon – likely in August as this would be the 2 year mark from when I purchased. It is an antique deeded half-house (not a condo – basically someone built a wall in the middle of a house and I have one side.I have noticed that in my kitchen there is a small area (about 4 ft x 8ft) that the hardwood slats have become progressively more separated with and the edges are darkened. There’s also a slight warping to it that you can notice with bare feet. I don’t see any water or wet areas when I look underneath from the basement but there is clearly something going on that is causing this.My question is if I should fix the floors before even putting the place on the market or wait. There are a TON of people buying and renovating antique homes in the area and mine has a lot of the architectural details that they seem to be popular (three fireplaces, wide-beam pine floors, exposed bricks and exposed beams) and has water views from all front facing rooms. It could definitely use some updating – particularly in the kitchen.I would hate to shell out the money and stress to get the floors fixed only to have someone rip them up. I know when I bought the place there were things that needed to be fixed and I got a credit to my closing costs. I work overnights and this makes having any work done on my house infinitely more difficult in terms of scheduling (since I sleep in the day). My preference would be to sell as-is and offer a credit towards closing costs. But if this floor issue would equate to a significantly lower price or cause a lot of people to rule it out then I would obviously try to get it fixed before listing.Wondering if anyone with more real estate experience than I do would have any thoughts on this? Thanks so much!



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