Newsflash: [San Francisco] Proposition 13 and exterior condo improvements

I own the top unit in a two unit condo building, and I want to replace an existing window in my unit with a different type of window (casement instead of picture window). Under the terms of our CC&Rs, since that would affect the building exterior (all of which is jointly owned) it would require my downstairs neighbor’s consent.I haven’t broached the subject yet, and before I do I’d like to better understand the legal implications. Obviously it would be bad for me if the window leaked, so I want to make sure everything is done to code, which means I’m going to get a permit.I understand that since this constitutes an improvement, it could cause the assessed value of my property to increase, and thus increase my annual property taxes.What I’m wondering is, could it also cause an increase in the assessed value and taxes o for my downstairs neighbor’s unit?Of course he wouldn’t get any enjoyment out of the window, but since it’s part of the common areas which are jointly owned, I could imagine that the city could potentially view that as an improvement to his property.Another question I have is, will I need to get my downstairs neighbor’s signature on the permit forms in addition to my own?Thanks!



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