Newsflash: Purchased Condo Prior to Large Special Assessment Without Knowledge (NC)

I purchased a condo in July of 2016 for 182k. Shortly after closing I hear from the HOA that a large project will be voted on soon that will replace all of the siding, roofing, windows, and chimney caps for the entire complex. The project will be funded with a special assessment to the tune of $22,000 per unit. The project has been discussed for the past few years. In the meeting minutes I can see mentions of a special assessment going back two years. I had no knowledge of this prior to closing.In the closing documents there is a section where the seller is supposed to disclose any ‘proposed or confirmed’ special assessments. They wrote that there were none. I’m confident the seller sold this unit when they did to avoid paying this huge assessment.I talked briefly with a lawyer who said I likely had a losing case if i tried to get money from the seller unless the HOA would provide me with a document stating the special assessment was proposed prior to my closing. I talked to my HOA but their lawyer did not want to give me this document. It seems like everyone is not sure exactly what ‘proposed’ means from a legal standpoint. The HOA is telling me they do not know exactly when they would consider it proposed so they will not give me this document. I was under the impression that just talking about the project being funded via special assessment was ‘proposing’ it. Does anyone have any way i can more officially define ‘proposed’ and help determine if this assessment was in fact proposed prior to my closing?



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