Newsflash: Finding a New Selling Broker At End of Contract?

We have about two months remaining on a seven month listing with our current agent. Saying we are dissatisfied with our agent is an understatement and we want to work with someone else the instant the contract expires. Seeking advice on how to end it with our current agent when the time comes?Backstory …We’ve been working with a selling agent where they have a six month exclusivity agreement on selling our condo. At this point we are completely disgusted the services of our agent and his team and are only still working with him to honor the contract. Looking at the situation honestly, we have been very easy people to work with and they’ve proven that everyone at they are not very good at what they do.Concerns …The contract states that if the seven months pass, there is a 30 day period that if someone he shows the condo to buys the condo, we would be responsible paying him the standard 6% commission. The contract expires on August 16. So basically, if we go with another broker and someone the current agent brings in buys the condo, we’re responsible for paying 6% commission to both brokers which is (obviously) something we want to avoid.Question & Seeking Feedback …We have every intention of working with another selling agent the day after the contract expires. Also, being honest, the condo has been getting a good deal of traffic however our broker is not able to court anyone to buy the condo. The impression we’re under is, people like the condo, seems to be priced fairly, but folks all seem to walk away the last minute (which may or may not be the broker’s doing, but it is happening on his watch).Our thoughts are, ask for the keys back and the listing on Zillow be taken down with exactly one month left on the contract. We want ensure that our broker does not have any referrals that would get passed along to the new broker. The thoughts are the contract states that we would have to pay him commission for anyone he introduces to the apartment within 30 days of us finding another broker, and we want to ensure he doesn’t show it to anyone in that time.Curious everyone’s thoughts. Would this be an advisable way to go given the circumstance? Anyone encounter anything similar and how did you go about it? Excited to hear what folks have.



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