Newsflash: Is it unrealistic to buy a house remotely? (OR)

We’ve been looking to buy a home in the Pacific Northwest but don’t have the opportunity to travel there immediately. We have a realtor who offered to give us a video tour of some homes, but has only scheduled one in five weeks and then cancelled it (she decided the home was too close to a noisy road).We have a list of potential homes a mile long, some which our realtor provided and others which we’ve collected from Zillow and checked against Google Maps, FEMA flood maps and various school rating sites. Our realtor has not been as responsive as we would like, but we recognize that searching remotely probably makes things harder for her.We’re pre-approved and serious about buying immediately and hoping to close before school starts in the fall, but it feels like we’re not making any progress.Is this an unrealistic way to proceed? If we were to schedule a trip for my spouse or I, how long should we plan to stay?



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