Newsflash: Help with expectations in showing property we are currently renting

Hi Folks,I have a few questions about our current living situation. We have been renting a townhouse for about 2 years and the lease recently expired. The lease states it automatically renews to “month-to-month” after the end date. This is fine considering we just agreed to purchase a new construction home and we were approved for the mortgage. The landlord says we can rent for as long as we want (nothing in writing) and is aware we will be moving out in about 90 days. The twist is that during our lease, the owner has moved a considerable distance away many states away.About a week ago, the owner informed us that one of their local family members will be putting up a for sale by owner sign in the yard. The owner has been 100% reasonable so this wasn’t a problem. There has not been a single issue from either party since we started the lease. We are hoping for some insight and suggestions on how to handle the showing of the property to perspective buyers but have yet to discuss this with the owner.I do not know what will happen when someone calls the owner and asks to see the property because I do not believe the owner will travel to be present for every showing. The logistics of this will not work unless a family member does the showings after we let them in. Even if that were to happen, I am not sure how to ensure that nothing is stolen, damaged and so on.We are afraid that if we do not host showings the owner will be upset and end our month to month agreement to allow them to sell the property quicker. If this were to happen, we would be out of the street until our home is constructed.Thanks in advance for any suggestions or ideas!



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