Newsflash: Supposed to close tomorrow, required repairs not complete.

My fiance and I are purchasing our first home in Mesa, AZ. We are supposed to be closing tomorrow.Our inspection didn’t turn up anything serious – a variety of small plumbing issues (disposal leak, faucet leak, stuck water valves) and putting a GFCI outlet in the kitchen were the only items requested. On Monday, the seller stated all items were complete. We also received an HOA violation (they sent it to us as the new owners to correct, no clue why) as he has not been maintaining the exterior of the property. There were excessive leaves/weeds/debris, and the front rock landscaping was bare in some spots.We did our walkthrough last night and found that was a lie. The outlet was not installed, and the seller stated that “it would interfere with power to the fridge.” I don’t know why, but we don’t care that much. The garbage disposal still leaks, worse than before in fact, as does one shower valve and one faucet. All the water valves work properly except one, which will turn but does not fully shut off the water. None of the HOA violations were addressed.When our agent went to the seller (who is also an agent) he was outraged, claiming “Everything was fixed on Monday.”Our agent is pretty peeved, as are we. This guy has been a nightmare to deal with – he bought this place just before the crash, used it as a rental, and is now pissed that he has to sell it at a loss, so he’s been trying to make his problem into our problem. We have a signed BINSR regarding the plumbing items, but the HOA violation is not in the contract as that is a new development.What are our options here? Our agent told him we aren’t signing unless those items are corrected, or we would agree to accept $600 cash at the table in lieu of him correcting them. Pushing back close was brought up, but we really don’t want to do that – we have everything set to move this weekend, with family coming in from out of state to help.I have a call in to our agent, but hoping to be prepared knowing my options to make the best decision possible.



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