Newsflash: Loan Companies Ive never heard of

We’ve all seen the different mortgage commercials. I’ve been a bit concerned about my rate lately so I decided to look around a bit. I think im around a 4.25…which I thought was ok but now I’m thinking is a bit high. I have good credit..bordering on excellent.So I do a little looking just the suggested rates on the website and there are a few place that are way below the average.Example on zillow, for a VA loan,….I have USAA at a 4.166..then I have multiple places that are around 3.4..but I’ve never heard of them…asset mutual, aimloan…good mortgage, consumer direct.Are these places legit..because obviously if I can save nearly a point I’m going to..I just don’t want to get screwed somehow.Or is that just a bait and switch thing…Ie they show you a super low rate that no one ever qualifies for and when you call you get something totally different.



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