Newsflash: Buying in Gentrifying Areas?

Hey y’all. So some background- I work in the affordable housing nonprofit sector.I know folks have various views on gentrification and I have a feeling which way this sub might lean, but I’ll ask anyways.My partner is vehemently against buying houses in one of the rapidly gentrifying urban corridors in our town. They’re affordable to us now (sub 150), but we’re both in grad school and we’ll be making considerably more later on (well… hopefully)… I’m not as opposed to it, though I do have some reservations.Has anyone here wrestled with moral qualms of buying in gentrifying areas? Working with low and moderate income homeowners for a living there are people getting priced out of their homes (via property taxes, landlords, etc).I’m sure I’ll get downvoted, but I’d prefer an honest answer. Thanks!



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