Newsflash: Sellers trying to change a contract…

So I’m in a contract for a home…We have a contingency to sell another property and transfer the money to the new property….Well.. everything was going fine we have offers on the property and we were getting ready to accept one when all of a sudden the sellers say:We just found out there are 5 more acres and we want to charge an extra 100k for these 5 acres. This is DOUBLE what we are paying per acre for the rest. Legally it’s tied to the parcel already under contract.We are already under contract… we have a buyer lined up…What the hell do we do? Can they do this when we are already under contract? If they decide to just cancel the sale we are going to be out 75k, our agents fees, inspection fees plus our time.Not only that it makes us look like flakes because we have had an open house and yeah..Can we just proceed with our contract that has already been signed and accepted by all parties?? I don’t see why we should have to take a huge hit if they are the ones who messed up… help?



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