Newsflash: Didn’t get a pool inspection, when we moved in there was a leak in the pump. Sellers did not disclose but the pool company said they reported the issue the morning before we closed (with a video)

Does the seller need to fix the issue or is it our problem? The pool company has a video the seller sent them with the leak literally a few hours before we signed our closing docs. I guess they decided they didn’t want to bother with ti because they couldn’t quickly patch it to hide it from us. The pool company says it’s because they didn’t properly winterize so I’m assuming this leak has been there for a couple months. Seller never mentioned the problem to us.We’ve been living in the house for a week now, but we didn’t realize the leak because I didn’t go over to the system until a few days after moving in. The pool company just now was able to investigate it for us revealing the problem since it was over the weekend.Sorry if my terminology is wrong. I don’t remember which exact part of the pool system has the leak, but it was caused by a crack when water froze up in it over the winter.



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