Newsflash: Buyer Inspection Response, addendum vs inspection report question

Hi! As the seller, we received a copy of the buyers commissioned inspection report with the copy “Attached is the inspection report and the radon report. Our response to follow.” Then, in a separate email later on the buyers realtor sends the Buyers Inspection Response, Radon test results (same as the one in the first email) and an Addendum. Her email explains that the Addendum is snippets of the Inspection Report that she pulled over. It’s literally a word document with sentences, and the Inspection Report is not actually attached or included).In the Buyer Inspection Response, she sometimes says ‘repair all electrical noted in Addendum’ or ‘repair plumbing issues referenced in Inspection attached, and Addendum 1 below” – sometimes she just says ‘repair wood’ without a reference to;dr question, While we received a copy of the inspection report, because it specifically wasn’t included with the email that had the formal BIR and document labeled “addendum 1 to buyers inspection response” – When she says repair all electrical, and we accept this term then we’re only accepting what she included in the document labeled “addendum 1” right? The Inspection report had 20 electrical issues, her addendum only mentioned 10.



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