Newsflash: [US, PA] Recently won an REO auction for a house. Apparently it’s zoned Commercial, not Residential.

Lackawanna County, Old Forge Burrough, if that level of specificity helps. Didn’t use an agent (should’ve used an agent). Previous owner and spouse obtained the house in 1953. Spouse died in 1994, owner took out home equity loans around this time, probably to cover medical expenses. Owner died (at home, unexpectedly) in 2011. Only child was made executor of the estate. It appears that they continued to service the mortgage, but there is no record that they transferred the deed. Only child died in 2016. Bank forecloses and obtains the property via Sheriff’s Deed a few months later. They put it up for auction. I win the auction, yadda yadda.It was listed in the auction as a “Single Family Residence”. In tax records it’s described as a “Single Family Residence”. It’s entirely possible the totally different old unrelated listing I found saying it’s zoned commercial is wrong and I’m borrowing trouble.By all appearances, it was being used as a private residence from 1953-2011. I have found some records indicating the owner was an insurance agent and listed the address as their business address, but that’s the closest thing I’ve found to prior commercial use.It’s a pretty nice house and I would like to live in it as originally planned, but I’d rather not get slapped with fines for “nonconforming use”, evicted, etc. There’s no great rush as it was always the plan to keep living where I am until I’d progressed sufficiently with any renovations/updates, but I’m not entirely sure what my options are or who I’d need to see to ask.It’s apparently zoned “C-1” “Main Street Commercial”, and if you go further down Main St a few blocks there are some gas stations and restaurants and such, but around the area of the house it pretty much just looks like a neighborhood. The parcel doesn’t meet the municipal requirements for C-1 in terms of lot dimensions, parking, etc. and there’s no way to make it conform.Assuming I confirm it’s actually zoned (only) Commercial:Do I need to try to get it rezoned Residential? Apply for a variance (or some other term) to use it as a residence? Just live in it and see how long it takes to get sent a notice? Accept that TIFU and put it back up for sale while eating the overhead?



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