Newsflash: Urgent help needed – unused closing cost credit

Hi all, we are 2.5 days away closing on our big purchase, and our Loan Officer just informed us that there is STILL some money we are leaving on the table after seller’s credit and some bank’s own credits. Not sure what the exact amount is, by probably between $3,000 – $5,000 if it matters. Also we had already signed the closing cost disclosure last week (the one that’s sofas to be presented at least 3 days prior to closing).We’ve used that credit towards all the standard closing cost stuff, then first year of homeowner’s insurance.I’ve seen suggestions here for buying down the rate however when we asked for that the loan officer hinted that it may delay closing – is that true? Not going to renegotiate prices as it seems that it would push or case back to underwriting and we don’t want to do that.What else can we use it for, without significantly delaying closing?Also, we had been chasing down our loan officer for a firm closing cost figure for two weeks now without getting a reasonable answer, and at the very last minute this happens. Are we wrong to assume laziness or incompetence of the officer’s part, or was he truly in the dark about exact closing cost up until now?Thank you so much in advance!!



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