Newsflash: Thinking of building instead of buying one on the market, going to use my VA loan which may be a problem with what I want.

This is in Arizona. Looking at Maricopa or Buckeye/Goodyear area though I am leaning towards Maricopa. I want to buy a home. I don’t mind buying an existing home on the market, however, I would prefer to build new just for energy efficiency, look how I want it to look ect.I know that when using the VA loan, you can get a construction loan from the bank (Navy Federal Credit Union in my case) and then refinance that into your VA loan when all is said and done. Since buying existing houses can be a pain in the ass with VA loans, and new house prices are cheap in Maricopa this seems like a win win win for me.The problem for me is that I also want a pool and theres no better time to have one put in than when the house is being built. While having a nice pool out here will increase your home value, regardless of what people like to claim, it will not raise the value anywhere near what it cost to be put in.From what I understand for a VA loan, you cannot get the loan for more than the market value of the house. If I am correct in that statement, does this mean that by putting a pool in with construction as part of my home loan, I would be unable to get a VA loan for the house?Wont be able to speak to a loan officer until next week so am trying to learn as much as I can. The house will be total cost 250-300k. I really want to use VA so I dont drain my bank on a down payment. Right now I have enough in the bank that I could weather a pretty severe unemployment period and pay the bills. That all goes away on a down payment.



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