Newsflash: Landlord wants $1000 AFTER security deposit for repairs

Hey everyone, I had a quick question.I’m in Utah, and my wife and I recently bought a house and moved out of an apartment. On Saturday we got a bill from the landlord of the apartment for $1000. We had a $500 security deposit with them that got used in that, so they actually charged us $1500. The bill from them states that we need to pay the $1000 in 30 days or it will be sent to collections. They REALLY nickel and dimed us. For example, we took a door off its hinges to fit our dryer in. The door was fine and we left everything right there so they could put it back on. They charged us $210 for that. They also charged us over $200 to paint the whole place. We didn’t leave the apartment in that bad of condition. We also didn’t take pictures before or after which was dumb. Do we really have to pay this? It just seems predatory and excessive. Our lease does say that we’d be liable for cleaning and repairs but this seems over the top.Thanks for your guys’ help!



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