Newsflash: First time home buyer

Hello,Just a little background, I am looking to purchase a home in the DMV area (Stafford, aprox. 1hr from D.C w/o traffic) I am predicting the home values will go up due to it being near D.C and several military bases, but that’s besides the point.If you personally were buying a new home, what main things would you make sure to have written in the contract? My realtor sent me a contract he wrote but I am hesitant to sign anything until I speak to him in person and make sure I am covered.Things I will make sure are in the contract:I am not obligated to buy if there are repairs needed up to “X” dollar amount after inspectionIt is appraised as less than what was offeredA.C unit looked old and worn so it was agreed that they would pay for a year of insurance on it.Anything else?



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