Newsflash: [NC-Charlotte] What are we doing wrong as homebuyers?

We are trying to buy a house in the 150k range. We have been pre-approved and are working with the realtor our lending company recommended. I personally don’t like her, she doesn’t seem very professional and kind of lazy, she is also older (so she has experience, which is good), but she is so negative and really seems kind of annoyed to be working with us. She has found and we have looked at about 10 properties and have made offers on three. The first one was a little over budget so we offered the most we could, the guy is an investor and is trying to flip a house he bought in March for a 40k profit, so he immediately rejected our offer. Oh well. The next house we seriously fell in love with, and the realtor alerted us to the property before it even hit the market, we toured it, were the first people to see it, and made an offer the day before it hit MLS. We offered their asking price and said they could pick the closing date, and had the agent add the max concessions we could offer. She just called and said they went with a different offer. Now we have an offer on a third place which we like but don’t love. She told me there are two more properties in our price range coming next week but they will probably be sold before they hit the MLS or we can even tour them because people are buying places just based on pictures without even touring them. I am getting really depressed and frustrated with this process. When we did the last contract, she sent over an agreement that we would work only with her and my husband signed it. Are we stuck with her now? I was really looking forward to this process but now it seems so hopeless and like we have to settle for a place we don’t love because of the way the market is. Are we supposed to just offer people cash over what they are asking?



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