Newsflash: Going with a traditional buyer’s agent as opposed to Redfin

Made 3 offers through Redfin and all fell through. Issue was I have no color on why they fell through and what I could have done differently to perhaps sweeten the deal. Redfin is very cookie cutter. They give you template offer and you just initial. I didn’t get to negotiate and only put my “best bid” which obviously was not good enough. I liked Redfin because it’s simplistic and I don’t need handholding until I am ready to submit an offer. I don’t care about all the extra chit chat and schmoozing you get with normal brokers. I just care about closing a deal at a good price. But they can’t close a deal. They don’t really make an money so they probably have no incentive to close a deal if you want a place.I’m probably just gonna be a dick and use Redfin to tour and use a traditional broker when I want to strike a deal.



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