Newsflash: Buying House out of State

I want to buy house in colorado but i live in New York. I used to live in this same place and want to move back. My 5 year plan is start selling my assets and buy a house from 50,000 to 100,000 home. I seen a couple dozen in the places i like on zillow. I have enough money saved up for 75,000 for 20% down payment and working on closing costs. I’m sell my assets off now and reached that point in 3 months. I also make 54,000 a year after taxes and have $420 month car payment.How should i get pre approval? Is rocket loans good from quicken? How long should i get approval before going to look at a house? How much down payment is necessary? I plan on buying a house and continue working in new york and selling off rest of my assets to pay off the house fast as possible then moving out there permanently.What is a good way to tell them that so i get approval. Credit score is around 740, No negative remarks on accounts.Thanks for any advice.



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