Newsflash: Purchase Price and $/SqFt

Looking to buy a condo here in California soon. HOA rates are generally the same with an average fluctuation up or down of around $50-$100.There are a few VA approved condos within our budget but is it better to pay less with a higher $/sqft cost OR is paying a higher purchase price with a lower $/sqft the way to go.We’re talking 816 sqft highly upgraded in Laguna Niguel at about $460/sqft versus 1100-1200sqft somewhat upgraded in Aliso Viejo or Mission Viejo at roughly $350/sqft with an asking price difference of about $30k.The difference between these is probably $150 a month when factoring in PITI payments + HOA fees.What other fees are important to consider?TL;DR – how important is $/sqft in deciding which home to purchase? What other factors to consider?



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