Newsflash: Is this a waste of an agents time? [FL]

I dont know if this is the right place to ask this so let me know if i should take it somewhere else.So long story short i need a small warehouse space for my wife and I’s side projects. She’s learning taxidermy and I work with electronics. We have run out of room at our house and need a place to put all our tools and work on our projects. The problem is trying to find something that fits the bill is proving very hard for me.Ideally we need something 900i-sh sq/f. Since its not truely a business (yet at least), location and visibility isn’t a factor as we are looking for the cheapest thing we can find. There are no listings I’ve been able to find in our area for anything like this and I fear the solution is driving around to warehouses and asking if people have spare room or something.I guess my main question is is this something I should bother an agent about? And if not does anyone have any pointers or tips that might help.Thanks 🙂



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