Newsflash: Sharing ownership of home with my mother. Advice for when she passes. Partition?

I posted this on r/legaladvice but figured this sub may be able to help as well.Hi I’ve been needing help regarding issue about sharing ownership of a house with my mom. I live in San Francisco with my mom and currently my mother and I are tenants in common with my mother owning 58% and I owning 42%. We have about 50k left on our mortgage. I have lived with my mom for 25+ years and pay 2/3 of the monthly mortgage. I’m worried that when my mother passes that in her will her shares will be divided among my siblings and I. All in all I would end up with 54% ownership with the other 46% divided among my 3 siblings ( 2 would have 12% each while 1 would have 24% ownership). I’m afraid that when my mother passes, most if not all my siblings would demand their shares be liquidated and either result in me purchasing their shares (buying them out) which I am currently unable to do so due to the current high market of houses in San Francisco or them petitioning for a partition. I don’t want to sell the house because I have been primarily paying the mortgage and continue to do so. If my siblings were to petition a partition of sale would the courts/judge rule in favor of the forced sale knowing that I have been an owner and living in the house since we first bought the house and they just recently inherited their shares? Does me owning majority of the property hold any weight? I’m not financially in a position to purchase a new house in the Bay Area or cannot afford the 3-4k rent in SF. It wouldn’t be ideal for me to move as I have been with my job for several years and have no plans of switching careers. Would the courts/judge take this into account as well? I’m worried that a potential petition of partition would lead to a forced sale and my siblings cashing out their inheritances and I left with a fraction of what I have been paying for, for years now. Any advice or help from those who have been in similar situations or have knowledge on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.



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