Newsflash: [NY]Aluminum Wiring Found- steps

Hello guys, FTHB- I have been posting quite a bit- and would like to follow up with another question.We had an inspection done on our house last week. Of the comments, the crucial ones were as follows: We found out that there were 4+ aluminum wirings in the house. There was also a window with a cracked glass pane, and one of the windows were old. There were also a lot of breakers around the bathroom and kitchen area that were not GFCI.So from reading the recent and old posts here, aluminum wiring is indeed serious and an electrician needs to visit.From these results, here are my questions:Do I need to contact my attorney or my agent for the wiring (to let them know that we found this)? I am planning to start contacting electricians, but is this visit considered something that doesn’t have to be done within the inspection deadline?My contract states that the deal is contingent based on the home inspection. Based on this, is the aluminum wire issue something that the seller is required to deal with? I am aware that a contract can always be broken- but is aluminum wiring something that the seller generally agrees to repair?As for the windows- I am worried that the old windows might produce lead (house was built 1971), but as all other windows have been replaced, I don’t want to go through a separate lead inspection. Would we be entitled for a repair compensation?Repair chances for the GFCI outlets as well? although I heard it is relatively cheap to swap out outlets.If we plan to put down repair estimates for the three issues found above, what would be the chance that the seller accepts?Kinda rambled on- thanks for your help!



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