Newsflash: Buying from out of state: When to start, tips, etc.?

I’m currently living in Colorado and plan to move back to MN with my fiance in September 2018. I won’t have my full down payment until that time, but I do have a good portion of it currently ready.I have lots of family in MN that can potentially preview a property for me (including a video walk through, phone call while it’s happening, etc.) but I don’t know how often I’d be able to utilize this. Having said this, I’d like to get some input on when I might want to start the process of looking.I plan to visit MN a couple of times leading up to the move so that I can look at some properties I’d have narrowed down in person. I’d like to keep this to two times max – maybe three – but each trip will obviously take some money out that I could be using towards inspections, closing costs, etc.One thing that I really want to avoid is needing to rent a place once we’re back in MN, only to move again a few months later to whatever home we find.Overall, I’m looking to see when it’s best to start working with a Realtor, any other things I might be overlooking, and any other input for my scenario.Thanks in advance!



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