Newsflash: [AU] First Home buyer – Conveyancing Question.

Hello,Me and my fiance are about to buy our first home via a private sale from a family member. We have spoken with a few legal firms. We were advised by one that due to it been a family member and a pre-arranged cost agreed the house could be sold under a “Transfer of title” opposed to a “Contract of sale” As no negotiations need to take place. ( ) Break down of title transfer over contract of sale – Not the mob we are using.The firm we are using started out great, ( House was valuated by the bank, Loan Formally approved, Pest and building inspection done ) But they dropped a bombshell today telling us Property and title searches will need to be completed by us as its a transfer of title – As a control freak this is the main thing i wanted done.My question is if i go to a second firm. And tell them i dont need the legal side of things done but just need someone to do property and title searches to confirm no mortages/loans are linked into the house + Nothing is expected to be built through the area, Is this something that they will help with or will they throw me to the curb because im not having them fully represent us through the process.Thanks.



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