Newsflash: Want to buy a house in TX with cash

I am under contract to sell my current home in NV. We want to relocate to TX. We have $28,000 in the bank and will get roughly $100,000-107,000 depending on the appraisal and if the buy counter offers. Houses I am looking are are listed for $155,000.If my parents gift me $40,000 is that allowed to purchase a home in cash? Do they just write a letter starting they gifted me the money?We will not qualify for a mortgage because we are relocating with no job offers. I don’t want to rent because we have 2 dogs and rents are roughly $1200 a month with pet fees let alone non refundable deposits and I’d hate to throw out money like that to rent for a year then move again!Can anyone offer their knowledge if this would work? Thank you



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