Newsflash: 4 Single Family, 1 Duplex, where to go from here?

Like the title says, I have four single families and one “duplex”. I’m making about 200K in appreciation and 60K in cash flow and principle pay down. At this point I can move back into one of my other rentals and retire, but I planned on working for a few more years to maximize assets. My earnings from real estate investments outpace my earnings from my job (155K) and are much more tax advantaged but I want to use the W2 income to keep buying assets while I still can.Option 1) I can sell one or two that have seasoned a bit and buy some commercial real estate out of state (storage, multi family, etc.). I could even buy a couple 15-20 unit complexes in Florida where I make six figures after all expenses, though I’d want to move there to either manage or be nearby. Then when the appreciation slows down in Seattle I could sell more houses and buy more apartment complexes raising cash flow to about 200-250K. At that point, I’d just retire from my professional career.Or…Option 2) Sell a couple and buy some turnkey out of state for more cash flow. Seems like a lower return now vs. keeping appreciating west coast property. I don’t need the cash flow right now, though it is tempting to quit my job and go travel the world on that extra cash flow.Or…Option 3) Keep holding for now until I figure out what kind of commercial real estate I want to get into. The houses will appreciate nicely for a few more years in the meantime, and if I lost my job, I’d be OK anyways since I can downsize to one of my rentals and live off my investments.Option 4) ?????I’m a millionaire now and would be a multi millionaire in 5 years even if I stopped working thanks to investments. Not a bad position to be in but I would like to keep grinding this out for a few more years before I slow down. Ultimately I’m trying to 1) keep the equity and 2) find the next way to increase it drastically.



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