Newsflash: [GA] Considering buying a home for the first time, complete novice.

Hello folks, my mother was wanting to look into buying a home, she’s tired of throwing money away by renting for the past couple years. Problem is, she hasn’t bought a home in over a decade and a half, and I’ve never even looked anything up on the subject. Not to mention that we don’t have much money. But well, she’s really set on it, and I want to know if it’s something we can do, and how to go about it if so. She was trying to look into buying homes that’re foreclosed, but saw that the bids we’d found were in the 90’s and over, and well she wanted to see if we could find a place where we’d be able to pay the mortgage and a down payment and not a huge chunk of cash at first. I realize much of what I am saying may sound silly or ignorant, but that’s basically because I have no knowledge in this area of life yet lol. Thank you to anyone offering advice/help in advance.



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