Newsflash: Damp problem, landlord evicted us. (Uk)

We’ve been in our rented house for nearly two years. During that time we’ve had some serious issues with damp and disrepair.We’ve been looking for somewhere else for a while but due to various financial and career things, we haven’t managed to find anywhere suitable yet.Thanks to the estate agent, we recently had a property maintenance company conduct a structural survey of the house to find the cause of the damp. We never saw the results but suddenly our landlord has given us two months notice as she wants to do work and possibly sell.We may have found a new place luckily but we’d need to move asap. I don’t believe the house is actually habitable anymore and would like to avoid ending up in hospital again due to the damp and mould. If we move out before the end of the notice period (which is actually one month in our contract), stating health issues, do we legally have to pay our rent for the last month or can we refuse to pay it?


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