Newsflash: What are the top real estate legal issues shaping up in your market? (Article discussing the top issues of 2016 linked inside)

This article gives a summary of the bigger cases of 2016, which I thought might be of interest to this sub. Some of these won’t have much impact on “civilians” (people not in the business), but several of the cases discuss issues of ethics and fiduciary obligations that I see frequently on this board and in real life.Personally, agents here in the Florida Panhandle (and elsewhere, I’m sure) are keeping a close eye on Goodwin v. Walton County. Ostensibly it deals with beach-front homeowners’ rights to put up No Trespassing signs on their property, but it’s part of a larger, very contentious issue of private property rights vs. the public’s right to customary use of the beach.What are the big legal battles that are shaping up in your area for 2017 and beyond?


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