Newsflash: Can I go to a different lender during the underwriting process? Am I being screwed over?

Buying my dream home for $320k total, FHA Mortgage loan @ 4% rate, I will be paying around $2,270 after monthly insurance and PMI. I bring home $5.2k – $7k/month. I was pre approved for a USDA loan and then told I don’t have enough debt ratio. I am very confused as my lender told me “I don’t have enough skin in the game” as in a down payment, but I was already putting a downpayment of 3%. Now I have to do an FHA loan instead and put down the 3.5% while ALSO having $2.5k in my bank when the check clears. Does this situation seem legit? Am I being screwed over? Can I go to another lender at this point just to get second or third opinions?


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