Newsflash: Selling a house. Our lawyer wants us to ignore inspection period in contract.

We’re selling a house. The buyers are asking for way too much above and beyond reason post-inspection. However the inspection report back from their attorney was received too late. Past the 14 day window after attorney review ended. My feeling is they have waived the inspection period by getting the inspection report back to us.My interpretation of the contract is the inspection contingency was waived and the sale moves forward because no other contingency was triggered. Flood plain, radon, financing (cash deal with proof funds was shown to us), etc. I feel that we should force the buyers to move forward without any repairs done. Or they walk and we take as much of their deposit as we can.We were initially going to do reasonable repairs anyway but the buyers have annoyed us too much with other demands I won’t list here.My lawyer wants to say that the inspection period is not a hard limit. What is the point of the contract if it’s not followed?/rant


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