Newsflash: Home warranty question, post-closing (Calif)

Hi. Closed escrow ~2 months ago. Part of the contract was a home warranty. Note that the “upgraded” checkbox is checked.Our icemaker stopped working, and I went to set up a service appointment to discover that I am on the Standard Plan, and refrigerators are not covered on that plan.Finally, it’s super annoying to have to deal with this, because replacing the whole icemaker is like $75 in parts and I can do it myself so it seems like it’s not even worth it… but then again, what if the whole fridge goes next month?Anyway, Fidelity offers many plans, and I’m a bit peeved that I got put on the “standard” plan when my contract clearly said “upgraded” (although what that means specifically, I don’t know).Questions:What does “upgraded” typically mean here?Who messed up? Escrow, LA, BA, me?Who corrects the issue? How?Who pays the difference?Anything else I should know?Thanks!


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