Newsflash: Here’s a fun one – buyer didn’t show up at closing

My poor clients are besides themselves. they took this offer (against my advice) because it was a cash deal, quick close date, Saudi Prince w/diplomatic immunity. hopefully it’s obvious why i advised against it.scheduled to close this morning, my clients, the sellers signed all their paperwork earlier the week, they’ve already moved to a diff state.buyer just doesn’t show up, i get a call from his agent telling me that he can’t find the guy. couple hours go by and turns out the Prince is back in the middle east. won’t return any calls, but apparently sent an email via one of his sons to his agent saying he doesn’t know when he’ll be back in the US.beware diplomats with immunity because you cannot sue them. we’ll probably have to have a judge declare the earnest money goes to the sellers, but it’s a hug PITA for them, and we’re stuck in limbo from a marketing perspective.


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