Newsflash: Offer Price question

Hi Everyone, I really appreciate this sub and all the contributors and hoping to get some guidance. My wife and I are under contract on our current (and first) home and scheduled to close in less than 4 weeks. We’ve finally found a new home we both like and are taking a second look at it tomorrow with our families to get some additional input. The place is great and hits every check box for us…price, location, features, etc. The ask price is in the upper end of what we’re looking for…530k. We have up to 120k in money down, fantastic credit and really no financing concerns.The questions gets to this…the home is in the high end of the comps we rec’d from our agent, but not way out of line. The fit and finish of the place is exactly what we want, just gorgeous! If tomorrow goes as well as we’d hope we’re looking to make an offer. How do we decide how much to offer? We will need to pick a number, but 505 vs 515 are both in my mind as ok, but really are they? Maybe it should be 525, maybe 495? It’s a big swing from either end! The home has been on the market since early March with no price adjustments. We looked up the seller on LinkedIn to do some incognito research and are under the assumption he’s not hurting for cash and certainly not in the business of losing money, so he’s not an incredibly motivated seller. That being said the selling season is starting to be on the back end of things, so maybe he is. It’s driving me nuts and our agent (who I love and she was awesome on the sale s negotiation of our house) isn’t really pegging a number as ideal. What should I be looking at here? It’s my second go around on house buying and I’m getting into the bigger money for us now so I’m dwelling (no pun..I’m a homeowners adjuster!) a bit more now Thank you!


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