Newsflash: New house for $295K or resell for less? (Colorado)

Ok, here’s the deal: My wife and I found a very nice development which allows you to custom build your new house. Cost would be roughly 295k. This is very early into our home search, so I’m skeptical and am not jumping into anything quite yet.Homes are going up where I live, so it’s not a bad investment. However, is it a good deal? I’m looking for a resell that’s around 250k, to save some money, but the concern is we are going to be living in this house for a very long time probably (15 years or more). No idea what repairs to expect in a resell.Some things that are attached with this new home – HOA fees of about 60 a month (covers yard/lawn care and other amenities). They guarantee our energy bills (and pay if we go over the guaranteed cost) and they provide any structural or foundation repairs for eight years after the house is built (are these guarantees bullcrap at all btw?). They do community events and have stuff for kids. Again, are any of these guarantees and “features” dumb or useless?We can afford the 20% down payment. The mortgage payment is less than 25% of our take home pay. We plan on staying there a while. But, should I wait and try to find a better deal? Would we save that much with a resell, or is the new house worth it? What would be a good deal resell wise? Thoughts?


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