Newsflash: FTHB 4 days from close and a hailstorm hits the area likely causing roof damage. What do we do?

So the title pretty much says the situation. We are first time homebuyers and four days away from closing, and a hailstorm came through the area yesterday evening and ended up doing a lot of damage to vehicles in the area.Some areas were worse than others but I know people who work relatively nearby the house we are buying and they have damage to their vehicles. Should we hold off on closing or what would normally happen in a situation like this? Our home insurance policy company sent someone out about a month ago to take pictures of the roof before they would underwrite the insurance so will this affect them?The roof that is on the house now is eight years old and standard three tab shingles when the inspection was done it was noted that the roof was in pretty good shape for its age and they had estimated it to be a little bit newer than that based on its condition.Edit: forgot to add that we are in Arkansas and using an FHA loan in case that matters


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