Newsflash: [Update] Bottomlined contract in place – sewer and electrical issues after inspection. Negotiation advice please.

Background here.Well, I cut the last EMD check yesterday, but not without some shenannigans. First up – the sewer. The seller agreed to extend the contingency deadline and figure out what the problem is. Turned out it was collapsed tiles and without us asking, the sellers fixed the pipe to the sewer main. We went back out to reinspect and the backyard is tore up to shit, but we can deal with it. The only other pressing thing was the breaker box, but my financing guy said I cannot get any more credit back from the seller so we were stuck.We went back to the seller and offered up three names to reputable electricians in the area and wrote in the contract that they must use our choice, but fix it themselves before we sign off on the inspections.And then, the shenanigans started. The selling agent said they couldn’t get a hold of our choice electricians, so he wanted to use his guy. My realtor was all on board – even though we couldn’t find a working phone number, any reviews, or internet presence on the guy. For some reason, my realtor had him call me. Checked his licensing with the city and couldn’t pin it down – but “he had breakfast with the city inspector that morning so really – It’s OK”. Strangest conversation I’ve had in a long time, but ended it with – “Seriously, I’m not approving you for the work.”I called my first choice electrician and the manager stated they never received a call from anyone. So the selling agent lied. Got on the phone with my realtor who was STILL squawking that it was not a big deal and gave her an ultimatum. Get it done like I want, or no deal.For some reason, the sellers then wanted me to set up the appointment, call the electricians themselves, then have the electrician confirm with me that the appointments were made. The electrician then called me and demanded a deposit. This prompted another call to my realtor to say “this isn’t my job, I don’t own the house yet, the seller and their agent need to make this happen or I’m out.”Low and behold, it gets done in three days, I have it inspected and supply my last EMD check. We should close by EOW.Serious pain in the tuckus but my realtor didn’t like ruffling feathers nor negotiating. Thankfully I have no issues with these things and pushed back, especially when my gut told me not to back down.So far, here’s the damage from not using an experienced real estate agent:messed up paperwork on the initial contract – I’m out 1000 dollars more up front because she miscalculated the EMD. I should have caught it but it was a weird contract thing and I’m doing things without a great deal of prior knowledge.My realtor almost ponied up $3000 more in costs because she thought the selling agent screwed up on the initial bottom lined contract. Wanted to send him a new contract to sign after the first – out of i’m not sure what type of approach?!? I had to convince her not to run calculations for him, refuse to sign a new contract, and rewrite emails for her so she would let him come back saying – nope, no mistake.The last thing was my realtor trying to say any electrician would be fine and I should just let it go. Yeah – hell no.Hopefully, I will be getting a small check back at closing, considering I’ve overpaid at the moment. I’m lucky that my BIL is my mortgage guy and is waving all fees.Now…how does one blow insulation? 🙂


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