Newsflash: How common are bidding wars on a home?

ILs have an extremely well-maintained residential home–HUGE property, large pole shed, paved everything, finished everything, just really clean and kept well. It just sold yesterday; the buyer offered a large cash offer well above their asking price, to prevent the property from going to someone else. They’re working with realtors.How common are bidding wars or offers like this?eta location: near Omaha, NE



Newsflash: Lake cabin question

I’m looking at possibly buying a lake cabin. It doesn’t have heat, due to being a summer lake cabin. Will a bank finance a cabin without heat. I’ve always heard banks don’t normally finance houses without heat, but wasn’t sure since this isn’t a primary residence or anything.


Newsflash: NEED A RECO: Alameda Island/Bay Area Rental Agent

Fine people of r/realestate. Can anyone PM me an agent reco for Bay Area renters?I have a client relocating quickly and they need help. No referral fee or anything from/for me, I just want someone to take great care of them.


Newsflash: What size down payment should we make?

Hi everyone!Aussie based user here with a question that should be relevant (hopefully) worldwide.My wife and I have saved quite a sizeable amount (let’s say $70k AUD. It’s common in Aus to have to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance for any deposits smaller than 20% and my question is,Is it better for us to;A. Buy the best place we can afford aiming for that 70k odd to be 20%OrB. Possibly buy two or even 3 places?I’m deploying for 6 months soon and will be using a property investment company who can provide brokers, buyer agents and property research on my behalf. Basically I just want a general consensus first 😊Thanks in advance!


New Story Just Out: Traces Of Opioids Found In Seattle-Area Mussels

Yet another interesting headline in the world of health and well-being. Traces Of Opioids Found In Seattle-Area Mussels
Researchers said the discovery of pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs in local harbors is not uncommon, but the agency noted that this is the first time that oxycodone has been found in shellfish.

Read the full story here

Newsflash: Where can I find Mortgage Rates API?

Looking to find mortgage rate API (i.e., 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed, ARM, Commercial, hard money, etc.) for free, whether it may come from multiple sources. I believe I saw for free somewhere, but now I can’t find it.


Newsflash: My agent agreed to 4.5%! However, im worried I will lose buyers because of it

He listed himself at 2.5% and the buying agent gets 2%. Right now im in the hottest real estate market in the country though(Seattle). Im still worried this might hurt how much I can pull in in total however.


Newsflash: A Fire Station is being built near my house, how will this impact me?

Manor, TX (Near the Austin Area)The station is being built within a mile of my home, but not in my homes community. So far enough for me not to hear the blaring sounds. Will this raise/lower anything for my house payments or insurance cost?


Newsflash: Buying vacant land with purpose to build on.

House prices are absurd where i live, doubt they’ll drop anytime soon. My parents are in need of a house, it sucks because its a little too late for them. Their both in their late 50s with little to none savings. They have good credit but not enough to afford the current market. My family just doesn’t have the means that most new residents have, but i think thats okay. Ive been very keen on vacant lots, most are sloped but have so much potential.A few questions for those willing to answer.-Geo test/land survey before or after land purchase?-slope excavation and retaining walls, worth it if quotes are too high?-red flags when looking at sloped lots.-if lots are being purchased on undeveloped land with no access to utilities by several buyers, when does the development of paved roads and utilizes occur. Do the land owners pay for the roads or does the city come in when they see houses being built.-green architecture, if were building from scratch, i think it would make sense to create a house that works with the climate and ever changing environment. Will the city/surrounding residents be apposed to a house that looks different. Does the type of architecture matter if its tasteful?-what subjects could help alleviate the workload of the contractors, architect, and engineer. Id like to streamline the process by giving the planners as much information they need.I live in Los Angeles.