New Story Just Out: A Fire Lookout On What’s Lost In A Transition To Technology

Yet another interesting headline in the world of health and well-being. A Fire Lookout On What’s Lost In A Transition To Technology
The number of manned fire lookouts in the U.S. is dwindling, as technology is increasingly used to spot and monitor wildfires. But can technology replace a human watch?

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Newsflash: Buying a house, many homes near my house are for sale

House next door is for sale for $600k, across the street is also $600k, 2 houses away is $800k. There is also a house down the block which was knocked down and rebuilt, currently for sale for $760k.​We have a smaller house, but paid in the low 400s. Is all this activity a good thing?


Newsflash: To rent furnished or unfurnished? Relocated to a town for 2 years

Basically what’s happening is I’ve relocated to a small town for 24 months for work. As it’s far from home and doesn’t really offer the kind of opportunities you get closer to the city, I do intend on leaving once my contract is up.So currently I’m stuck tossing up between renting a 2 bedroom apartment, furnished or unfurnished. Regarding the price range of each, I’m looking at either:Rent fully furnished for ~$430/weekRent unfurnished for ~$350/weekNow at first I was thinking of renting unfurnished. I’d spend the remainder of my savings on necessities such as kitchen/laundry appliances and a bed, while saving up and buying other more homely things such as a TV and living room set, full bedroom set, and whatever extras I need over the next however many months. This appealed more to me because I’d be able to buy my own furniture and style the place as I liked, and I’d actually be able to keep everything at the end.But now that I’m actually here and have considered everything, I’ve been thinking more along the lines of paying the extra $80/week and going fully furnished. Sure, I’d be chucking $8-10k away over the 2 years with nothing to show for it at the end, but at the same time, I wouldn’t have to worry about throwing all of my current savings, as well as half of my savings for the next 6-12 months into furnishing an apartment myself. On top of that, I wouldn’t have to worry about paying however many thousands on relocating the furniture at the end of the 2 years either…Anyway, this is my first time renting my own place, so I’m a little clueless on what to do. Any advice is more than welcome when it comes to making the decision!


Newsflash: Buy my first home!! Got answers on 2 offers I put in at the same time and I’m not really sure which to choose.

I’ve been busting ass to save money to buy a home for the past year to year and half and finally got enough to afford a downpayment. I got preapproved for $100,000 FHA.Friday I was shown a 3 bed 1.5 bath home on a half acre that has a two year old roof and a new air conditioning unit that was installed in April of this year. The catch is the main bathroom has a skylight that may have a possible mold/leak issue. This home also was apparently an indoor zoo and all carpets are shot and need to be replaced. The tiles in the kitchen and entryway are also coming up which will have to be removed in order to pass FHA inspection. There are two septic tanks that will need to be inspected for $800.00 also. I put in an offer for the full $100,000 but they pay 5% towards closing and they countered with $105,000 and I keep the 5%?? (Idk what that means)Today I looked at another home for $99,500 3 bed 1 bath (note the bedrooms are tiny, I’m not even sure is I can fit a queen bed in the master bedroom) there is a stacked washer/dryer next to the stove in the kitchen. The yard is considerably smaller but is fenced in and this home is on sewer so no septic tank inspection, which means I save $800.00 on inspections alone. Also this home easily meets all FHA requirements. I put in an offer for $100,000 they pay 5% at closing.So I guess my thing is which one? Which one do I pick? I don’t really have a good reservoir of experience to draw upon. I know I can make the bigger home better with time and can hopefully sell for more at a later date but I am unsure if it’ll pass all the inspections I have to pay for while with the other home I know will pass all inspections. I’m kinda leaning towards the smaller home just because that seems to be safer option but I don’t want to limit myself just because I’m paranoid.


Newsflash: Seller pulls out, now comes back again. What would you do? [London, UK]

I made an offer for a new 2-bed in east London on asking price (£500k), got accepted and proceeded with purchase.Just before exchange, seller pulls out saying the flat has gained value and remarkets at a higher price. They returned the reservation deposit but I had already paid search and legal fees.A month after, seller comes back asking if I’m still interested and that they would like to proceed at the same price.What does this say about the current property market in London and what would you do in my place?


Newsflash: Received initial loan approval on a VA, however…

Now the loan Officer is asking me for the business tax fillings for a partnership that I have a minority stake in despite providing my personal k-1s previously, in addition they would like tax transcripts. This seems unreasonable to me and far outside the requirements to underwrite a VA loan. I’m set to close in 6 days and am debating on withholding as it would be a herculean to get either. Would that likely affect the loan approval?


Newsflash: What to look for/ask when considering a very old home that appears to have been completely renovated? [New England, USA)

My wife and I are going to an open house tomorrow on a “completely renovated” mid 1700s farmhouse. Looking through the pictures, everything appears to have been impeccably renovated (think Joanna Gaines/Fixer upper). Hard to totally understand what if anything is really that dated. There is central A/C and forced air heating. Only obvious sign of age outside of the decorative beams and fireplaces is the stone/brick basement.What should one ask about/look out for in a house like this?


Newsflash: Help Getting FHA on Manufactured Home. Part Single-Wide.

Hi, we’re trying to get an offer put into this house, but our current lender won’t finance for it. I was wondering why FHA wouldn’t cover it, given that from what I can tell online, it appears to meet all requirements. Link to home: It should be noted this home has had an add-on (Master bed and bath) and possesses three decks. It is permanently on the foundations. I would greatly appreciate help in this.